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Four Reasons to Use Video in your Marketing

Differentiate your brand from competitors through our comprehensive digital marketing services


Video engages people and increases sales

ideo started dominating all kinds of online marketing as it is made easy to understand. Statistics show that people engage and react to video more than any other digital marketing strategies. Survey states that more than 70% of viewers who watched a product explainer video bought the product. Get your product video shot and edited by professional to showcase on your website thereby increasing your sales.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly

Videos are SEO friendly as they are often considered as high-quality content. Get an optimised video which incorporates correct keywords, good description and suitable title. This helps you better your websites SEO rank and you will be more likely appear top in search suggestions. Statistics shows that videos will cover 80% of all traffic by 2021.


Mobile viewers are growing

Mobile viewers are twice more likely to watch and connect with the video content or ads than the TV viewers. YouTube says that there is a 100% rise in mobile views every year. With the growing mobile viewers, top video marketing experts started making their efforts to present themselves better to the mobile users. New trend started with the Vertical Video Marketing which is meant for mobile users.


Videos in Social Media are here, there and everywhere

Without proper reports and analysis, an video marketing campaign is of no use. We can help you monitor the performance of your campaign on myriad counts by tracking the results of each email sent to your customer database.

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