It all started when…

our founder “Sumit Grover Arora“, a B. Tech. graduate in computer science thought what could be the better way to communicate with the world and bring something of his own while being a digital marketer. Unfortunately he could be one of the very first thinkers in service industry during his graduation but due to his struggle through life he started it too late when he already had those service bidding portals completely established in the industry. But one thing is still not changed, that’s the difficulty of accessing low cost and premium quality digital marketing services. Our basic idea of work starts from the word itself “SehYogi“ which means a co-operator, or an assistant but this is not like the others which scares people away from hiring digital marketing companies with their high cost and no guarantee of success.

What happens when you think of an idea and want to build a business ?

first thing that you will need is a website then you must have a way to get low cost business leads. Next thing you will most probably be doing is to go on fiverr.com and hire an expensive website developer or content writer or seo executive to cater your digital marketing requirements only if you make the complete payment in advance.

So any business idea in todays date becomes an expensive venture for even small business owners and what they earn in return is like getting peanuts after covering the investments.

So the idea behind SehYogi IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is to resolve these problems for entry level Digital Marketers or Businessmen in this industry. SehYogi’s goal as per Sumit Arora’s vision is to get paid for our services after we show satisfactory results to our clients which helps us not only providing the best Digital Marketing Solutions to as many people as possible but also gaining faith of people which no digital marketing company is able to achieve till now and we are going to change that forever.

Welcome to the family.